• Dennis McCaslin

Pedestrian struck and killed on State Highway 7 in the wee hours of Tuesday morning

A forty-one-year-old Dover resident was killed in the early morning hours on Tuesday in a pedestrian accident on State Highway 7 near Georghe W, Jones Road in Dover, according to the Arkansas State Police.

Officers say Alvin Shavers was walking in the roadway on State Highway 7 at 2:46 am when a northbound 2012 Kia Soul struck him with the front of the vehicle. Shavers impacted the hood and the windshield of the Kia, causing fatal injuries. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Corporal William Crabb of the Arkansas State Police investigated the accident and noted clear weather and dry roads at the time of the impact. Shaver's death is the 180th on Arkansas roads and highways in 2022.

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