• Dennis McCaslin

Panama mother seeking information on missing 14-year-old daughter

A mother in Panama is reaching out to the public in an effort to find information about her missing daughter who has not been seen by her family since she climbed out of her bedroom window in the wee hours of Thursday.

Brittney Wells says her daughter, 14-year-old Hannah Wells, supposedly went "riding around" with a 22-year old male and hasn't been seen since.

"The dogs started barking about 2 a.m. and we started doing a head count," said Brittney Well, who said shee has four children. "The doors were all locked and when we found her missing we figured out she must have climbed out the window."

Wells said he daughter had "snuck out" before but had always returned home, usually before she was found to be missing.

"We were standing in the street when the Black Ford Focus that supposedly "dropped her off" stopped at the corner and she never got out of that car," said Wells. "In fact, they almost ran us over."

"Also, we were told that someone was going to drop her off yesterday (Friday) morning at the Pic -N-Tote in Panama," said Wells. "No one has seen her."

Wells said the Black Ford Focus may have an Oklahoma license plate with the number HIW 753.

If anyone has seen Hannah or the car they are urged to call the Panama Police Department at 918- 963-4600.

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