• Dennis McCaslin

One-mile radius encompassing most of downtown Fort Smith is home to thirty-two sex offenders

After we started our "Sex Offenders In Your Neighborhood" series last month, we have been contacted by several readers in different areas of the city with suggestions for stories concerning their neighborhood.

One such query resulted in the discovery of thirty-seven registered sex offenders living in a concentrated area downtown. The one-mile circle radiates from a point six blocks north of Garrison Avenue on North Tenth.

The area is bordered by the Arkansas River to the west, the intersection of North 6th Street and North P Street to the north, Darby Junior High to the east, and the Calvary Cemetery located on Lexington Avenue to the south. Some of the listed offenders also work within the one-mile circle.

The offenders in the aforementioned area range in age from 22-71 years of age. Twenty-eight of the offenders are classified as Level Two, Medium Risk, and three are classified as Level 3, High Risk.

Four offenders, Jeremy Ogle, Paul Reed, Tommy Cruise and Michael Hennigan, are all currently non-compliant with their reporting requirements.

The crimes committed by the thirty-two offenders include Rape in the First Degree, Criminal Attempt, Sexual Indecency with a Child, Sexual Abuse , Criminal Sexual Abuse, Sodomy, Child Molestation, Aggravated Criminal Sexual Assault (First, Second and Third Degree), Indecent Exposure, and Forced Sexual Contact.

You can learn more about these and other sex offenders in Fort Smith by following the link to Fort Smith Police Department Sex Offenders.

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