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One going to jail and another coming out on Failure to Register charges

Two men in neighboring counties in our coverage area were arrested and booked for Failing to Register or Comply with Reporting as part of their probation that put them in the state Sexual offender Registry.

One was going into jail and the other was coming out after spending twelve days in lock-up.

Michael Arron Lee Hughes, 31, of Pottsville was arrested Friday by the Pope County Sheriff Office for Failing to Comply with Reporting Terms. Hughes, who lives in the 70 block of Levi Place in Pottsville, was convicted of Sexual Assault in the Second Degree to earn his spot on the sex offender list.

Hughes remains behind bars pending a bond hearing on Monday.

Johnson County also released a 21-year old who was arrested May

30 on the same charge.

Terry Allen Harris off Clarksville was released from custody on Friday night just before 7:30 p.m. after serving his twelve day. A search for Harris on the Arkansas Community Corrections website yielded no results about this conviction or current residence address.

A look on Arkansas Court Connect shows Harris was to be arrested on a warrant that was issued June 3 for previously not reporting a move from his place of residence in Clarksville from August of 20119 to February of this year.

It is unclear of that warrant was for his current jail stay since booking information shows he has been in jail since May 30.

Harris was convicted in 2019 of Sexual Assault in the Second Degree which also triggered a Revocation charge for a previous conviction. Harris received a 60-month probation for that incident.

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