• Dennis McCaslin

Oklahoma governor orders State Health Department to cease issuance of non-binary birth certificates

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt is ordering the State Health Department to no longer offer non-binary birth certificate options for newborns.

Stitt and his office previously criticized the OSDH for a "rogue" decision and that he'll be "taking whatever action necessary to protect Oklahoma values."

Now, Stitt is now producing an executive order saying the state must stop issuing another option for birth certificates stating this action is "not permitted under Oklahoma law."

Current Oklahoma statute states OSDH or any others do not have the authority to alter a person's sex or gender on a birth certificate. This also includes OSDH or any others from entering into an agreement or settlement that would oppose the statute.

Due to this, Stitt is saying the state must cease amending birth certificates and providing a non-binary option and remove any materials from their website referencing the option.

He is also encouraging lawmakers when they meet again in February to pass legislation clarifying the issue on instances when and how OSDH or any others can make such changes to a birth certificate.

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