• Dennis McCaslin

Officials arrest 27-year-old Springdale man on Second Degree Sexual Assault charge

A 27-year-old Springdale man was arrested on Friday and faces a $2500 bonfd on oine count of Sexual asssault in the Second Degree according to information obtained from the Washington County Detention Center.

Jose Rugamas-Vale, who resides in the 1700 block of Sisco Avenue in Springdale, is the latest to be arrested in northwest Arkansas on those specific charges which relate to sexual interactions with someone under the age of sixteen.

The charges can be either a Class D felony, which involves adult contact with a minor or a Class B felony if the offender is a minor and victim is less than 14 and not the offender’s spouse.

No information on the specific charges against Rugamas-Vale were not available to TIFS at press time.

Rugamas -Vale has no previous felony charges that have been ajudicated in Arkansas according to a check o Arkansas Court Connect.

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