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Northwest Arkansas teflon-felon out on bond arrested for child related sex crime

Steven David Stork

A northwest Arkansas scumbag, who has been arrested for twenty-nine different felony charges in the past decade and served little or no time as the result of his various crimes against society was booked into the Washington County Sunday and charged with First Degree Engaging a Child in Sexual Explicit Material. marking his fourth felony arrest in the past two years.

Steven David Stork, 42, of Springdale is the poster boy for our failed justice system and what the warped courts consider justice, In September of 2016, Stork was finally sentenced to a reasonable 96 months for the myriad of crimes and revocations he committed to that point

From that eight year sentence, he was back on the streets to commit more felonies by/or delivery of drugs early 2019. The last time he was sentenced to any time at all was in 2017 and since that time he was had one misdemeanor arrest for Obstructing Justice and Failure to Appear, for which he received a suspended imposition of sentence, and two felony arrests from August of 2020 and May of this year, both drug related, which are o-pen inn the court system

While most of his lawbreaking has been tried to possession and/or delivery of drugs since 2011, Stork also managed to sprinkle in some Breaking nd Entering, Theft of Property, Drugs and Firearms Simultaneously, Forgery, Felon in Possession of a Firearm, Revocation and Failure to Appear charges in the mix.

His arrest for the 2020 ands 2021 drug charges has once again revocations, some stemming all the way back to suspended sentences from 2011. We have document at least 14 felony charges what have been reopened as the result of his arrest before he apparently molested a child last week while out on bond.

In 2012 alone he was in court twice on five felonies total, all of which were not prosecuted.

In total, Stork has been sentenced three times to actual imposed time for periods of 24, 36 and 96 months. In several cases charges were dismissed or he was found "not guilty and the months of probation and suspended sentences he has received in total represents more than 94-years of prison time he has avoided.

Stork is set for a bond hearing on Wednesday in Fayetteville District Court. Detailos of his latest arrest have not even been posted to Arkansas Court Connect at this time.

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