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New legal problems emerge for NWA Medicaid fraud suspect, mother

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

A Eureka Springs man who claims he is still the rightful owner of a Eureka Springs alternative nightclub has filed a lawsuit against eight defendants, including the nightclub, claiming breach of fiduciary duty, interference with contractual relationships, conversion, breach of contract, and civil conspiracy against all defendants.

Anthony Christopher

Cordale "Rocky" Moore filed the lawsuit on October 28, and the action spells even more legal woes for Arkansas Medicaid and financial fraud suspect Christopher Anthony, who is one of the eight named defendants.

Other defendants include Anthony's mother Wanda Eash, who owns Legacy Pre-School in Bentonville, as well as Walter Burrell, Susan and Lee Pohl, Alyssa Buffer, Roy Tronnes, and Eureka Live Bar and Lounge.

In his complaint (which you can read HERE) Moore seeks "judgement against the Defendants as described in the Complaint in the amount proven at trial, for the cost of this action, attorney fees, and all other damages he may prove himself entitled". Moore is seeking a minimum of one-million dollars in damages.

The complaint also contains all of the information on which the case is based, including contracts and agreements between the parties, copies of cancelled checks, screenshots of Facebook posts identifying Christopher as the 'new owner' and various other exhibits.

Moore contends he purchased the bar from Walter Burrell around the first of December, 2018 for $546,000 with provisions to make bi-annual payments, with the $13,000 payments to be made in cash.

According to Moore, he also entered into a lease agreement with the Pohl's for the building at 35 North Main in Eureka Springs at that time.

Moore maintains that Burrell "constantly" came into the nightclub and took actions that should have been reserved for the owner under the threat of taking away the bar. Burrell also "appointed" a bar manager although he had no legal right to do so.

Moore says the illegal interference persisted through 2019 and into 2020 and on February 29, 2020, Burrell showed up with Anthony Christopher and told employees Christopher was the "new owner".

On March 1, Burrell and Christopher illegally entered the establishment with a key an alarm passcode provided by Tronnes, an employee.

Burrell then called Buffer, a locksmith, to change all the locks on the building. Buffer was aware at the time that Moore was the legal owner of the business, according tto the lawsuit.

The following day Susan Pohl sent a message saying the rent was "late" and started the process of evicting him from the property.

Moore also claims cash, a deposit made out to his bank and other items were illegally seized during the process.

Wanda Eash

Eash is named in the suit because the liquor license with the state of Arkansas for the club was applied for in her name, apparently because Christopher was anticipating his possible felony status stemming from the lawsuit over suspected Medicaid fraud when he owned Absolute Pediatrics.

Arkansas Court Connect information indicates that Anthony Christopher committed Medicaid Fraud, a Class A Felony, on December 17 of 2017.

Information also reveals the three separate Non-Financial Identity Fraud violations were committed on May 1, 2017, March 1, 2018 and May 17, 2018.

The investigation revealed over $38,000 in improper billing and a number of improprieties with the way certain paperwork was filed and handled.

Christopher allegedly "sold" Absolute Pediatric Therapy to a former employee in the midst of the investigation and the clinic reopened under the name of Emerge Pediatric Therapy.

Anthony's association with his mother's pre-school came into question when it was revealed that Anthony is a regular performer in drag queen shows at Eureka Live Underground.

The nightclub started promoting "family-friendly" drag shows at the bar earlier in the year on their Facebook page. The establishment no longer promotes those type shows on social media.

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