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Needing help with mental health issues? Check out the resources inside!

Do you or someone you know suffer from serious mental health and behavioral issues? Experiencing delusions, anxiety, paranoia or other anti-social behavior?

Family members or friends battling substance abuse and drug addition issues, which can lead to all sorts of mental health problems.

The follow list is a comprehensive guard for mental health professionals and behavioral clinics that can help diagnose, treat and counsel any problems you might have before you spiral completely out of control.

Also, Arkansans dealing with anxiety or other mental health struggles brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic can get free crisis counseling through a new grant funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The Promoting Positive Emotions program provides free education and confidential crisis counseling for individuals and families impacted by the current pandemic.

Crisis counseling encourages people to talk about their experiences and concerns in the process of teaching healthy ways to manage stress. Crisis counselors do not label or diagnose people, but they do work with the individual or family to identify needs and assist in connecting them with community resources.

The Promoting Positive Emotions program provides free confidential crisis counseling as well as useful information and resources, but it does not cover traditional mental health diagnosis or treatment, psychiatric services, medication, or assistance for food, childcare, or financial support.

To learn more about other mental health services, call the DHS Mental Health & Addiction Support Line at 1-844-763-0198. For information about childcare, food, or financial assistance during COVID-19, visit humanservices.arkansas.gov/resources/response-covid-19.

For free crisis counseling through the Promoting Positive Emotions program, call the Crisis Support Line at 1-833-993-2382, or visit the website at www.staypositivearkansas.com.

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