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National Weather Service issues extreme heat warning in Arkansas and Oklahoma

High temperatures climbing into the 105 to 108 degree range, gusty south winds, and afternoon min RH values falling into the 20-25 percent range will create very dangerous fire weather conditions across much of northeast Oklahoma and northwest Arkansas today.

As with areas of the central Plains, the South had widespread hot and dry conditions for the week.

Areas of northeast Arkansas, western Louisiana and northern Mississippi had the most rain, with pockets of rain throughout central and southern Texas.

Temperatures were warmer than normal with departures of 4-6 degrees above normal over most of northern Texas and Oklahoma.

As both long-term and short-term dryness have impacted this area, extreme and exceptional drought expanded over Oklahoma and Texas while flash drought development has impacted much of eastern Oklahoma into Arkansas.

Widespread degradation took place this week with a full category degradation over much of Oklahoma, Arkansas and into northern Texas. Further degradation took place over portions of east Texas with just small areas of improvement over far west Texas, the western Panhandle and into southwest Texas.

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