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Multiple-time felon headed back to Tucker Unit after short stay in Sebastian County jail

Jonathan L. Cates

For the second time in just over a month, an inmate at the Tucker Unit of the Arkansas Department of Corrections was returned to Fort Smith to face the music for crimes committed after his most recent release on parole.

Forty-year-old Jonathan L. Cates, who is already serving a six year total time sentence after being sent back to prison on felony parole and probation violations, has been warming s bunk in the ADC at a steady pace as far back as 1998.

He picked up some extra time after sentencing in District Court next week, but all of the sentences were tolled to run concurrently so essentially he just got a short vacation from prison to come hang out in the Fort for a few days.

Cates is a poster boy for the total failure of our legal system to rehabilitate crooks and criminals.

The records on Arkansas Court Connect bottom out after twenty interactions with the courts, and a 1998 conviction at the age of seventeen starting Cates on his errant ways.

Between then and now he has been convicted of twenty-seven felonies, and his prior prison sentence history totals twenty-four years and nine months (not counting sentences that were scheduled to run concurrently).

In fact, his longest prison stay during that stretch was around three years as he went to the ADC in May of 2006 for Aggravated assault and and was back out in time to pick up a July 2009 arrest for Possession of Firearms by Certain Persons.

Cates resume during his long and illustrious career includes arrest and convictions for:

Felon in Possession of Firearms - six times

Terroristic Threatening - six times

Aggravated Assault - five times

Theft of Property - twice

Possession of Paraphernalia - twice

P0ossession of Counterfeit Drugs

Theft by Receiving

Delivery of Meth or Cocaine

Failure to Appear

Domestic Battery

Interference with Emergency Communications

Cates remained in the SCDC Sunday afternoon awaiting transfer back home to the Tucker Unit in Jefferson County.

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