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Motorcycle/tourist bus crash results in death of Rogers man Thursday in Washington County

A thirty-eight-year-old Rogers motorcyclist died on Thursday in Washington County after an encounter with a MCI tourist bus on Highway 412 in Springdale, according to the Springdale Police Department.

According to a preliminary report filed with the Arkansas Department of Public Safety, Justin Craig Fernandez was piloting a 2022 Harley Davidson eastbound on US Highway 412 near the inte5rsection of Sunset Road when the bus braked for westbound traffic, blocking the eastbound lanes.

When Fernandez applied his brakes in an attempt to avoid the collision he was thrown from the bike and both he and the motorcycle impacted the center portion of the bus.

Other injured in the accident were transported to NOrthwest and Washington Regional Medical Centers for treatment.

Officer Patrick Olcott of the Springdale Police Department reported cloudy conditions and dry pavement at the time of the crash

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