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Morgan Nick Foundation reaching out to public for information for new docu-series on abduction

In continued coverage of the Morgan Nick abduction story, it was brought to our attention that on April 8th at 7:57pm, the Morgan Nick Foundation posted this on Facebook: “Asking all of our friends to SHARE this! We are looking for videos or photos that may have been taken around the time Morgan was kidnapped in June 1995. This is important to our family. Thank you for always standing with us. Together we will bring Morgan home.”

The link provided directs to the website with this message: “In an effort to discover new information in Morgan Nick’s case, we are searching for any photos or videos from leading up to, through, and after June 9, 1995 for use in a documentary series, Still Missing Morgan.”

I, for one, personally commend any effort to uncover the truth about Morgan Nick’s disappearance, but I have to ask what seems to be a glaringly obvious question: Why is the Morgan Nick Foundation and the Nick family asking for this footage 25 years after the fact?

Why didn’t they put out a plea for this footage after Morgan was kidnapped and every year since? It’s possible that footage still exists – but wasn’t their best hope in compiling this information in the weeks, months, and years directly after the abduction?

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And then tune in next week as we delve deeper into the mystery of Morgan Chauntel Nick’s abduction.

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