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More information on alleged embezzlement from Fort Smith non-profit by Muldrow "pastor"

Despite clear evidence to the contrary, Sequoyah County Sheriff Office officials are now saying that the theft of 27-cases of donated chicken diverted from the Fort Smith non-profit Pay it Forward by former board member Chuck Martin last month will not be pursued in their county since "we have no evidence to support that the chicken was ever brought to Oklahoma".

Also, despite claims that no one from the SSCO notified Martin he was under investigation, the official report from their office clearly shows Martin was contacted the same night the report was made.

Within hours of the original report being made to the SCSO, Martin was posting denials on social media saying that "someone" had called him and told him he was under investigation.

PIFFS president Darla Lackey, her husband and the vice president of the organization were the only three individuals who knew a report had been made in Sequoyah County at that time.

Lackey, said she contacted the SCSO on Thursday and asked why Martin was notified of the investigation. She claims she was hung up on. A spokesperson for the SSCO told TIFS Lackey became "unreasonable" and was hung up on that time.

Martin, who is a self-proclaimed pastor, procured hundreds of pounds of chicken in the Name of Pay it Forward- Fort Smith and after the product arrived at the storage facility in Alma, it was determined that hundreds of pounds of the product was missing.

Martin also told another volunteer with PIFFS on the day of delivery that he "went to Muldrow" before delivering the chicken to Alma to explain the gap in time between pick-up and delivery of the product.

The missing product was discovered after Simmons Food provided an invoice after Martin refused to produce a bill of lading for the pick-up. A spokesperson for Simmons Food said the product was donated to Pay it Forward Fort Smith and not "Chuck Martin" or "Chuck Martin Ministries" as he later claimed.

A little over $100 value in snack cake products picked up my Martin the same day at McKee Foods in Gentry also never made it the non-profit.

In addition to the falsehoods Martin told the non-profit, he has gone on social media and made more false claims in addition to lying to the investigators from Sequoyah County about one incident which is completely verifiable.

Martin told Deputy Gene Wheat in a telephone conversation a spokesperson for the sheriff office later denied that on "delivery to Alma that he took four boxes of chicken in exchange for his gas and car for doing the pick-up". (See document below.)

No one with Pay it Forward made or approved any type of arrangement with Martin that would have allowed such a procurement of product.

Also, his claims of taking "four cases" were proven false when he donated eight cases of the missing product within days to a Fort Smith church which then distributed it to their members.

The pastor of the church has acknowledged the product donated to the church matched the product allegedly taken.

Even if PIFFS had agreed to an amount of product in compensation for his gas and time, his claims of "four cases" in the disputed agreement are clearly false.

The church said they would compensate PIFFS but the non-profit agreed to allow the church to keep the eight cases without any compensation because they had already been distributed the food to church members.

A total of 27-cases comprising over 300 pounds with an estimated value of $1000 were missing from the shipment. Nineteen cases remain unaccounted for.

Martin denied the allegations when confront by the charity, immediately resigned from the board and continues to hold out that he did nothing wrong on his Facebook page located HERE.

Pay it Forward Fort Smith says they will restart the process by contacting police in both both Siloam Springs, where the chicken was picked up, and Fort Smith, where the charity is located, and be filing new reports in an effort to ascertain if anyone will claim jurisdiction.

The Oklahoma State Police have also been notified of the situation and discrepancies in the Sequoyah County investigators report.

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