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Missing Person Report: Bonnie McFadden - Missing since August 19, 2005

Bonnie McFadden was last seen cashing a check for several thousand dollars at a bank in Clarksville on August 19, 2005. She behaved normally during the transaction.

She has never been heard from again.

She and her brother lived on the same street in Coal Hill and they normally had daily contact. After several days passed without his hearing from her, he became concerned and went to her house to check on her. McFadden's cars were on the property, unlocked. The gate to her driveway was unlocked also and there was no sign of her.

It was uncharacteristic of McFadden to leave her vehicles or driveway gate unlocked, or to be out of touch with her family. Her purse and some financial papers were missing from her residence.

She is described as a strong-willed and independent woman who lived quietly and frugally. She managed several rental properties in the Coal Hill area.

Prior to her disappearance, McFadden developed a close friendship with one of her tenants, a man in his twenties. She purchased many gifts for him, including a motorcycle and a backhoe, and paid for them to take a trip to Hawaii together. Her family was concerned about her relationship with the man and tried to discourage it, but McFadden wouldn't listen to them.

McFadden's loved ones believe she met with foul play and they think they know who was responsible for her disappearance, but no charges have been filed and no suspects have been publicly named.

Her case remains unsolved.

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