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McAlester associate pastor, ODOC chaplain arrested for computer-related child sex crime violations

An associate pastor at a McAlester Baptist church who was also a chaplain for the Oklahoma State Penitentiary in that city has been charged with possession of child sexual abuse material.

According to reports out of southeast Oklahoma, 40-year-old David Prince was busted with the improper material after a system designed to monitor state employees computer accounts detected visits to pornographic sites.

Officials say Prince was accessing pornographic material involving children and also engaging in sexual conversations on his work computer.

Investigators say prince was discussing sexual acts with his minor children on the Reddit website. Authorities say prince was engaged in one such conversation while simultaneously asking a Oklahoma Department of Corrections employees about filing inmate forms.

A search warrant conducted on Prince's home on November 6 discovered child sexual abuse material on his cell phone. Based on the evidence obtained during the search, Prince was arrested and booked into the Pittsburg County Jail on Possession of Child Sexual Abuse Material and Violations of the Oklahoma Computer Crimes Act charges.

According to his social media accounts, Prince is an associate pastor at Northgate Baptist Church. He was terminated from his chaplain duties with the ODOC immediately after his arrest.

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