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Man with over twenty arrests in the past 33 years headed back to prison for theft by receiving

A 73-year-old Harrisburg man will likely spend his 75th birthday within the confines of the Arkansas State prison system after a plea deal in Sebastian County Circuit Court on Friday on theft by receiving and failure to appear charges.

Information releasde from Sebastian County Circuit Court says that Kenneth Ray Frakes, whose address listed with the court was in the 14000 block of Highway 14 East in Harrisburg, took the plea deal in open court on Friday. In addition to the six years imposed, Frakes was given an additional 14 years suspended in the case.

The court records noted that restitution if any would be determined within 30 days. Also, as part of the plea deal, Frakes is banned from Fletcher Dodge property in the future.

The theft by receiving charges were entered into the system June 28, 2022 and that charge apparently triggered a parole violation. Frakes was also considered an absconder from parole at that time. When he was released from the ADC on September 26 of last year he was taken back into custody because he had previous charges that he had not booked out on at that time.

He was taken into custody June 26 of this year and was given jail time credit for the one month he has served.

According to information from Arkan sas Court Connect Frakes has had almost twenty interactions with the court system in Arkansas since 1990.

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