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Man in ADC for parole violations has five years added onto existing prison sentence

A forty-year-old Fort Smith man already serving time in the Arkansas Department of Corrections for violation of his parole on Franklin County Drug charges was returned to Sebastian County last week from the Quachia Correctional Facility in Camden for a court appearance stemming from an arrest in early March of this year.

Mark Joseph Pope, whose felonious background records on Arkansas Court Connect only track back to 2018, entered a plea deal agreement to charges involving Domestic Battering and Assault on a Family Member involving a minor under the age of twelve.

He was sentenced to five years in prison with an additional ten years suspended.

Pope had pled guilty to various drug charges in early 2020 in the Fourth Judicial District in Johnson County, drawing three years for the conviction. From his initial intake date of January 9, 2020 he was obviously back on the streets by mid-August f the same year when he was arrested for Drinking in Public and Disorderly Conduct in Ozark.

The drinking was obviously a problem as he was arrested two days later for Drinking in Public, followed by a third misdemeanor arrest three weeks later for Public Intoxication and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

On February 8, 2021 he drew a five-year suspended sentence on Domestic Battery with ASggravating Circumstances charges, once again in Ozark, following by arrests for Driving on a suspended License and misdemeanor Failure to Appear in May of this year.

On May 6 he was arrested by the Fort Smith Police on he battery charges and for public intoxication which finally was enough to violate his parole.

He misdemeanor sentences are to be served concurrently with his state prison term and he was ordered to have no contact with his victims in the Fort Smith case.

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