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Man arrested for possession of meth with intent to deliver draws five year prison stretch

A Fort Smith man with three felony arrests sinnce December of 2016 was senetenced last week to five years in the Arkansas Deprtment of Corrections with another fifteen years supended aftrer a plea agreement on a Possession of Methamphetamine with Purpose to Deliver charge, a Class A felony, and for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

Alexander Gutierrez, was tagged as a Habitiual Offender and was also given five years to run concurrently with the meth sentencing on the paraphernalia count after his plea in open court. A petition to revoke charge was withdrawn as part of the plea agreement.

In December of 2017, Gutirrez entered a guilty plea to Possessing Drug Parahernalia for Meth/Cocaine and was placed on 72 moths of supervised probation. Failure to adhere to the requirements of his probation is what triggered the petiton to revoke.

He layered on aniother sixty months of supervised probation in April of 2018 when he plead guilty for Felony Leaving the Scene of an Accident Causing Injury and again avoided doing time on a revocation charge.

Just a little more than 24 months later he was arrested for the drug charges that seem to be sending him away this time around. Once released from prison, Gutierrez mist pay back fines and restitution at a $60 per month rate starting ninety days after release and his drivers license will be suspended for six months.

He will remain in custody at the SCDC until transported to the Arkansas Deportment of Corrections to do his time.

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