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Man arrested as non-compliant sex offender remains jailed in lieu of $25,000 legally sufficient bond

A Level 2 registered sex offender who had recently gone on the non-compliant list in the city of Fort Smith was arrested by the Sebastian County Sheriff Office on Saturday and charged with one count of failure to maintain his registration information.

Jonathan Dwayne Shatwell, 23, who's last verified address with the FSPD was in the 3400 block of Grinnell Avenue, was booked into the Sebastian County Adult Detention center at 844 p.m. according to booking information from the county jail.

According to that same booking information, Shatwell has been non-compliant with his reporting regulations since his last verification visit which occurred September 12 of last year.

A cursory check of Shawell's other online records show he was registered with both state and national sex offender databases utilizing the Grinnell Avenue address.

Shatwell's crime and criminal conviction was for second degree sexual assault from a 2018 incident in Newton County. According to one online report, he forced a minor female into his bed took her clothes off and performed sex acts on the girl on November25 of that year.

Shatwell told police that although the minor repeatedly told him to stop he continued with the act because he "hoped if he kept doing it that she would eventually like it."

As of Sunday at noon Shatwell remained in the SC ADC facing a $25,000 legally sufficient bond.

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