• Dennis McCaslin

Magazine felon assaults officer Friday during arrest for theft of flat-bed trailer

On Friday, Logan County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Brett Chappell, who is assigned to the Magazine Police Department, received information that Dallas Siddons, 24, of Magazine, was seen spray-painting a yellow flatbed truck with black spray paint.

The Sheriff’s Office recently received a report that a yellow flatbed truck was stolen on Hog Thief Valley Road near Magazine. Sgt. Chappell went to Dallas’s house on North Reveille Street in Magazine and saw Siddons pulling into the driveway in the flatbed truck.

When Sgt. Chappell approached Siddons, he pulled a small handgun from a coat pocket and pointed it at Sgt. Chappell. Since Sgt. Chappell was close to him, he grabbed the handgun and they wrestled around until Sgt. Chappell got the handgun away from Siddons.

He then arrested Siddons, who is a convicted felon, and by that time, Sgt. Mark Walker arrived and they placed Siddons in Sgt. Walker’s vehicle. Sgt. Chappell determined that the handgun was in the truck when it was stolen so the handgun was stolen as well.

Siddons was arrested and transported to the Logan County Detention Center where he was booked in on the anticipated charges of Aggravated Assault Against a First Responder, Felon in Possession of a Firearm, Theft of Property (x2), and Breaking or Entering.

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