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Logan County Sheriff Office announces arrest in child rape case from April; two in custody

Logan County Sheriff's Office, Arkansas - Press Release Last month, a report was made to the Logan County Sheriff’s Office regarding the alleged rape of a five-year-old child in south Logan County. The victim was interviewed at a child safety center in Fort Smith by a forensic interviewer who is specifically trained to interview children.

The center also provides services for the collection of evidence from the victim and a nurse at the center collected evidence. Evidence was also collected where the alleged rape occurred as well. Our Criminal Investigation Division is working the case.

The suspects, Saria Galvan, 24, and Andrew Giboney, 26, left right after this happened and went to Oklahoma. Since the suspects fled to Oklahoma, our investigators worked with our Prosecuting Attorney’s Office and we obtained a warrant quickly to get the suspects back to Arkansas.

The suspects were located in Oklahoma and returned to Arkansas and placed in the Logan County Detention Center. They are both charged with Rape, a Class Y felony, and each have a $100,000 bond.

Saria is currently being held in the Franklin County Detention Center while Andrew is in our facility.

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