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Logan County sheriff details arrests in conspiracy gone awry last week

Logan County Sheriff John Massey has released information about an incident last week that saw the arrest of four individuals.

In the early morning hours of April 15, the LCSO received a call that a dark-colored car was parked at the River Valley Primary Care Clinic in Ratcliff and one of the individuals in the car asked about some people who lived in the area and waived a gun in the caller’s presence.

Deputy Michael Huber and Deputy Charly Moua were dispatched and found the vehicle at the clinic with Preston Butler, 19, Korey Green, 29, and Hannah Williams, 19, all of Clarksville, occupying the vehicle. The deputies found two handguns, masks, gloves, one body armor vest, and a baseball bat in the vehicle. Korey Green is a convicted felon.

They interviewed the subjects and transported them to the Logan County Detention Center. Investigators from our Criminal Investigation Division interviewed the subjects again the next day.

From their interviews, it is alleged that the three subjects were hired by Diamond Weaver, 18, of Paris, to rob and scare two people in the Ratcliff area with whom he had a previous disagreement with.

Upon further investigation,it was determined that Diamond is also the person who was the anonymous caller who reported the car at the clinic and that he also had been in contact with one of them through social media up until the time our deputies arrived.

It is alleged that he may have either gotten cold feet or thought they would turn around and rob him as well so he made an anonymous call to our agency about the vehicle and occupants. Diamond was interviewed and arrested.

All four subjects were charged with conspiracy to commit aggravated robbery, a Class A felony, with Kory Green charged additionally with felon in possession of a firearm, a Class C felony, and with Preston Butler charged additionally with furnishing a firearm to a felon, a Class B felony.

Weaver had a $75,000 bond, Green and Butler drew $50,000 bonds, and Williams got a $40,000 bond. All four have bonded out.

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