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Logan County pervert taken into custody Saturday afternoon by Pope County Sheriff Office

A nineteen year-old admitted sexual deviant from Logan County was taken into custody by the Pope County Sheriff Office on a charge of Sexual Solicitation of a Child on Saturday and booked into the Pope County Detention Center where his bond is pending an appearance before a judge.

Solomon Andrew Jerome, whose most recent Facebook page of four lists his hometown as Delaware in Logan County, was taken into custody at 5:10 p.m. on Saturday after his arrest by the Pope County Sheriff Office.

Jerome had apparently been the subject of a September 3 warrant for one count of Sexual Indecency With a Child, but it is unclear if his Saturday arrest was for that crime or if this is a different charge, given the difference in the wording of the two crimes.

The warrant issued on September 3 was for an incident that occurred in July of this year. A Pope County mother called authorities and told them that Jerome had shown her seven year-old son and four year-old daughter his penis while babysitting the children.

A worker with the River Valley Child Advocacy Center interviewed the children ten days after the incident and was told in graphic detail about the incident (see below). Her statements were confirmed by the older brother.

Investigators interviewed Jerome on July 29 and Jerome stated tthe female child "wanted to see his penis" so he showed it to both children. He said his penis was "partially erect at the time and that he had his hand on it" and also admitted to showing the seven year-old boy pictures of "naked women" on his cell phone.

Incredibly, Jerome was "released at the conclusion of the interview". (See "Exhibit A" below).

The arrest on Saturday was logged in at the PCSO for the Sexual Indecency with a Child charge but there was no mention if that was arrest was tied to the warrant issued on September 3. If so, it took authorities two months to issue a warrant after Jerome admitted to the crime.

The arrest for sex crimes is not Jerome's first brush with law enforcement.

A December of 2019 arrest for Commercial Burglary and Theft of Property in Faulkner County had been settled in the court system but apparently the Sexual Indecency With a Child charge triggered a revocation from that court for his probation on a plea deal.

Sexual Indecency With a Child is a Class D Felony in Arkansas and can result to up to six years in prisons and fines.

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