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Logan County man arrested Wednesday on felony rape and misdemeanor assault charges

Today in Fort Smith has learned that a 20-year-old Logan County man was taken into custody shortly before noon today and booked on two charges of a sexual nature.

Although details are very limited at this time the suspect's name is Aaron Jones. A search for records on any criminal background on Jones turned up no results on Arkansas Court Connect.

As usual, no information on the victim or the nature of the crime will be released by prosecutors at this time. The crime of rape in Arkansas is a Class Y Felony.

Sexual assault the 4th degree in the state is a charge that can be applied to cases involving sexual contact with a person younger than the age of consent, which is 16. It can also be enforced as a statutory charge meaning that the victim's consent is irrelevant.

Sexual assault in the fourth degree is a class A misdemeanor if the person engages only in sexual contact and not sexual intercourse with a victim.

Jones remained in custody at the Logan County Detention Center as of 2:30 p.m Thursday.

We will provide any updates on this story as they are released.

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