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Local mother looking for 17-year-old daughter who is hiding out with boyfriend

A local woman who says her daughter has been missing since the day after Thanksgiving is reaching out to the public in an effort to see if they can help her track down the 17-year-old who she thinks has runaway because of some legal and family related issues.

Candice Sights says her teenage daughter, Gracelyn Hollan, is not in any immediate danger and that she is with her also seventeen year-old boyfriend and his mother. Sights says she feels the mother of the boyfriend is helping her daughter hide out over issues involving the consequences of a previous juvenile arrest.

"She had gone to court four days before she ran away," said Sights. "They had pretty much told her if she could stay out of trouble the 45-days of jail time she was facing would be dismissed but there were a couple of other conditions thaat she apparantley didn't like."

Sights said one of those conditions was if Gracelyn was going to be spending time alone with her boyfriend that the teenager stay on birth control because, according to Sights, "she has said that she wants to get pregnant".

Sights says the teen was supposed to be having dinner at the home of he boyfriends mother on November 25 on the Friday after her court appearance.

"We dropped Gracelyn off to have dinner with the them and when we went to pick her up at 5 o'clock no one was there," said Sights. "We tried calling but the phone was turned off. By 6 o'clockI knew for certain she was on the run."

Sights said that now that Gracelynn has violated her probation conditions that she could now be a position where she has to to the 45-days in jail she was trying to avoid and that could be another reason she is staying in hiding.

Sights said she has been contacted by people who claims to have seen Gracelyn in Arkoma, Conway, Fayetteville and other places, but she thinks she is hiding somewhere in Oklahoma.

"We had the Arkoma police do a welfare check on aa home in Arkoma last night where we thought she might be," said Sights. "But they said she wasn't there."

Sights said that she did receive a message from Gracelyn on Sunday, but when she tried to respond and reach out to her, there was no response.

"She's my daughter and I love her and I just want to be sure she doesn't make a mistake that is going to cause her to be in more trouble (with the courts)," said Sights. "If someone knows where she is and how we might find her, I would appreciate any information."

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Gracelyn Hollan you are asked to call Today in Fort Smith at 479-461-0126 or send us a private message through our Facebook page. We will pass along all tips and you will remain anonymous.

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