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Lamar Middle School sexual harassment incident results in ten-day suspension for offenders

On Friday, July 1, 2022, the Lamar School District handed down its decision after its investigation of allegations of sexual harassment, including sexual assault, of 3 Lamar Middle School students. Several students have been determined to be responsible for Title IX sexual harassment and sexual assault.

Two other students stated that beginning in Summer of 2021 through November 2021, the students experienced sexual assault by other students.

Another student stated that on March 8, 2002, while in the boy’s locker room, another student forcefully put his finger in the student’s rectum.

Joey McCutchen, Chip Sexton, and Stephen Napurano, represent the three students who were sexually harassed and sexually assaulted.

McCutchen stated, “We whole-heartedly agree with the decision-maker’s determination that the students were sexually assaulted, but strongly disagree with the punishment, which amounts to nothing more than a slap on the wrist. Conduct rewarded is conduct repeated.” McCutchen further stated, “There is nothing more important that the safety of children, and parents should always feel confident that their children are being kept safe at school. This also begs the question, where were those responsible for supervising these children when all of this was happening?”

The punishment for the offending parties was essentially ten days suspension and a no contact order with the victims.

Attached is the Determination of Responsibility of the Lamar School District:

Determination of Responsibility
Download PDF • 10.70MB

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