• Dennis McCaslin

Kansas man arrested in northwest Arkansas on sexual assault charge

Carlos Alvarez-Ceren

A Kansas man was arrested Friday by officials in Washington County and charged with Sexual Assault in the Second Degree.

Because of the lateness of the arrest there are no detiails on the crime, but 39-year Carlos Alvarez-Ceren of Portia, Kansas was released on Saturday on a $7500 bond after a Rule 8.1 hearing date of April 12 was set before his release.

Carlos Alvarez-Ceren also has a court date of April 26 set in Washington County Circuit Court.

Second degree sexual assualt usually indicates sexual contact with a minor.

According information found online, Alvarez-Ceren was arrested on March 25 in Chase County, Kansas and held for Immigration and Custom Enforcement officers.

Once the information on the sexual assault arrest is available we will update this story.

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