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Freshly freed felon finds freedom is a fleeting affair for second time in a week

A Roland man who was convicted two counts of Class B Felony Burglary in 2018 and sentenced to 24-months in prison with another 96 months suspended seems like he may be missing his cellmates and is making every effort to go back and see them after his second felony drug arrest in a five-day span.

One day after formal charges were filed on 24-year-old Jordan Kyle Miller for a May 5 arrest for Possession of Controlled Substance felonies and a Misdemeanor drug charge, the Roland native found himself back behind bars on Tuesday on two more state felony charges for drug and paraphernalia possession.

One of those was for Intent to Deliver Schedule VI Controlled Substances.

Incredibly, despite being out of prison for just a few months for his 2017 arrest and 2018 conviction, Miller was able to bond out of jail last week in less than an hour and was only in custody about four hours on Tuesday before being released on an $1100 signature bond, his second free pass in as many weeks. He had also been released on May 7 on a $2100 bond.

There are no details of an anticipated court date for Miller listed in his arrest report.

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