• Dennis McCaslin

Johnson County officials looking for sex offender who has violated the conditions of his probation

Jordan Johnson

The Arkansas Department of Community Corrections has been looking for a Johnson County sex offender since April who has been out of compliance with the conditions of his parole for failing to report to his parole officer.

Jordan Johnson, 23, was reported as an absconder on April 14. Hubbard's entry from the ADDC lists his most serious crime as Sexual Assault in the 4th Degree. That crime occurred in April of 2019, resulting in a negotiated plea of guilty in May, 2020 that sentenced him to 60 months of probation.

Johnson picked up a Failure to Register charge in February of this year, added an arrest for Possession of a Controlled Substance and Paraphernalia on March 6 and added misdemeanor charges surrounding leaving the scene of an accident just over two weeks later.

Because of the court backlog from the Covid 19 pandemic, all of those cases are still open and waiting adjudication. The consequents arrests also triggered a revocation on the original sexual assault charges.

He also is technically in violation of reporting requirements as a sex offender.

If you have any information that might lead to the whereabouts of Jordan Johnson you are asked to contact Shaun Wiseman at the Johnson County Probation office in Clarksville at 479-754-6200.

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