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Investigators in Johnson County say probe continues in unexplained death

Investigators in Johnson County say the investigation continues into the unexplained death of a 36-year-old Clarksville woman who was found dead in her residence on Monday.

The person in question has been identified as Tasha Anne Renee Holland, the mother of four.

CID officer Jeff Wood said on Friday that there was officially no comment on the death and that the autopsy had been conducted and he was waiting on the results being returned to the Johnson County Sheriff Office.

Rumors on social media surrounding the death claim Holland was murdered, and Wood said that one man was taken in form questioning and later released soon after the body was located. He also refused to deny or confirm if the ongoing investigation was considering the a homicide investigation.

"Just like with any ongoing investigation, we are not going to make a comment at this time," said Wood. "We are looking at the results of the autopsy at this time."

The family has put together a GoFundMe to try and help meet funeral expenses. You can donate to that fund by clicking HERE.

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