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Innocence Lost: Plot of 2004 novel based on Nick abduction embraces pedophilia theme

Why would an author (he’s now deceased) who typically wrote books about pedophilic fantasies publish a fictional book in 2004 that eerily depicts the abduction of Morgan Nick?

The author in question is Donald Harington, a fringe writer with a cult following and one time professor of history at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville

Before his passing in 2009, Harington authored just over a dozen books, many of them heavily laced with strong sexual themes such as incest or pedophilia. Harington’s books “Ekaterina,” and “Lightning Bug” are listed among some of the “Best Selling Pedophilia Books” of all time.

According to Harington’s obituary, his next novel, was perhaps the “riskiest ever” -- it was entitled “With,” and this book is the story of a seven-year-old girl who is abducted by a retired police officer. The officer takes her to a remote cabin in Arkansas to make her his “child bride.”

Harington gave many interviews about “With” -- he was particularly proud of this novel, as it became his best-selling book of his career. In fact due to its popularity, this book required a second edition.

Several years before his death, after reading “With,” I contacted Donald Harington to request an interview with him. He agreed, and we conducted the interview over email. The interview had to be in writing because Donald Harington was deaf. Harington lost nearly all of his hearing at age 12 due to meningitis.

I shared with Harington that I was very intrigued about the similarities between Morgan Nick and the little girl who was abducted in his novel “With.” During the interview, Harington confirmed that he had indeed crafted the novel “With” after the abduction of Morgan Nick.

When asked about his other books, he shared with me that they all had a common theme: He always interjected people he knew, places he had seen, things he had done, ideas he felt were important, along with other small bits of truth into his writings.

I have to be honest. Harington’s comments about his writings made me shudder due to their sexually charged nature that seem to glorify the unthinkable: pedophilia.

Even more disturbing was the level of his infatuation with his novel “With.” He loved “With” so much so that a description of the book was even included in his obituary.

Am I saying that the book “With” should make Donald Harington a person of interest in the Morgan Nick case?

No, I am not suggesting that at all.

In fact, I’m not accusing Harington of being involved in Morgan’s abduction. I’m simply pointing out that Harington’s books often centered on themes of pedophilia -- and one of those books also centered on the abduction of a little girl in Arkansas… Morgan Nick.

There are many theories that exist about what happened to Morgan Nick. In fact, a simple Google search about Morgan Nick’s abduction points to various message boards with hundreds of postings by would-be-detectives discussing their own personal theories.

Convicted predators such as Dennis Bradford, Craig Michael Wood and Joseph Duncan are among those mentioned as potential suspects for the authorities to investigate.

Many others write long posts that include pictures as they compare the latest composite sketch of Morgan’s abductor to registered sex offenders in Arkansas and Oklahoma.

The would-be-detectives are everywhere. But even they have been unable to answer the pressing question: Who kidnapped Morgan Nick?

According to this 2015 news video, it was reported that Chief White of the Alma Police Department has a lead suspect but not enough information to make an arrest in the Morgan Nick abduction:

At the end of this video, the reporter, Dustin Wilson, says this: “…this is very much an active case. Chief White tells me that they do have a lead suspect right now but just not enough information or enough evidence to move forward with an arrest.”

What happened to this lead suspect? Has he been ruled out?

In hopes of answering that question, I keep researching; however, I can’t keep my mind from drifting back to the circumstances surrounding the first composite sketch. In July of 1995, Brenda Kilby wrote an article for the Tulsa World about the Morgan Nick case.

She wrote, “Police have a description based on witnesses at the ballpark and an account of an attempted abduction of a 4-year-old earlier the same day Morgan was taken -- but the bearded salt and pepper-haired man many believe was driving a red older model Ford short-bed pickup with a white, ill-fitting camper shell has not surfaced.”

Are you as outraged as I am? It’s frustrating to me that authorities circulated a composite sketch for five years based on details that didn’t even relate to the Morgan Nick Case. How did they expect to find the little girl who had aspirations to be a doctor or a circus performer if they weren’t looking for the right man?

I have scoured the Internet for hours upon hours searching for any shred of information that could point to Morgan Nick or her abductor. In my search, I have repeatedly stumbled upon information from several different sources about a woman by the name of “Stacy Miller.”

The story about “Stacy Miller,” in my opinion, warrants a closer look by authorities. After all, when 15-year-old Shawn Hornbeck returned home after being held captive for more than four years, he told authorities he had left messages on his parents’ missing person website once, “hoping it might give some kind of hint.”

Could this alleged “Stacy Miller” be the same girl who liked to have her hair brushed and sometimes braided? The same girl who was born a cotton-top, and sucked her thumb and cuddled with a security blanket until she was almost 5-years-old? Could Stacy be Morgan Nick?

It’s possible. After all, Colleen Nick has maintained for 24 years that she believes that Morgan Nick is alive. Maybe Colleen Nick is right….. maybe Morgan Nick is alive.

If there is even a small possibility that Morgan Nick is alive, shouldn’t someone be looking into this information? And other information like it? Or is every possible resource being spent on searching for the man in the composite sketch -- a sketch that in reality may have been wrong from the start?

Or is the Morgan Nick case a part of something much bigger than any of us could ever imagine?

In my research, I also found this alarming information posted on the Internet: “I’ve been told that Morgan was abducted as part of a nationwide child pornography and/or child sex ring…”

-to be continued-

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