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Innocence Lost: More questions than answers linger twenty-six years after Morgan Nick's abduction

By Shirley Boulder

As I delve further into the abduction of Morgan Nick, I am more and more convinced that this investigation was doomed right from the start.

I am haunted by the notion that a six-year-old girl vanished from a crowded ballpark on a balmy summer night without a trace. No clues. No witnesses. Not so much as a scream.

She simply disappeared.

And frankly, I’m outraged that the public has been spoon fed misinformation in Morgan’s disappearance for the past 26 years.

At the very least, we should at least be demanding answers regarding every plausible angle that could point us to what happened to Morgan Chauntel Nick.

After all, it’s the people living in the community – you and me - that are presented with the composite sketches to help identify Morgan’s would-be-abductor. We are the ones asked to assist in searches or to pass out Morgan’s missing posters, to attend fundraisers and rallies, to volunteer at events and to donate time, money and resources.

We, as a community, have enthusiastically embraced each and every request. As a community we have stepped up to the plate and remained steadfast in our commitment to bring Morgan Nick home.

To be honest, I truly believe the goal of bringing Morgan Nick home could have been accomplished had the community been given all of the facts surrounding what COULD have happened to Morgan Nick.

Don’t you want to know? I know that I do.

The information on what very well could have happened to Morgan Nick, in my opinion, does exist. It’s just not been shared with the community.

The information I am about to share was provided to Today in Fort Smith via an anonymous letter several years ago.

After receiving this letter, I went to work to confirm it.  And as luck would have it, I have been able to confirm this story by several other credible anonymous sources.

On June 9th, 1995, in the parking lot of a grocery store, something of note happened: A man and a woman approached two little girls in the parking lot. Fearful, one of the girls ran inside the grocery store to retrieve her father.

The father, concerned for the safety of the girls, immediately approached the man to find out what was going on. The man told the girls’ father that he was on the run from law enforcement. His female companion was already in the truck and she refused to get out of the vehicle or to even look over as the two men as they spoke.

The father, a mechanic, quickly determined that there was something very unusual and menacing about this man and this situation.

To add to the peculiarity of the situation, the man and the woman were in a truck that was towing a U-Haul trailer; however, they had taken everything out of the trailer and placed it in the back of the pickup truck.

While there is not a clear description of the woman, the man was described as having a very distinct feature: a mole on his face.

What are the odds of this unsettling interaction at the grocery store parking lot and the Morgan Nick abduction happening on the exact same day in the exact same town of less than 4,000 people?

This leads to even bigger questions such as: Why wasn’t this information released to the media? Why weren’t composite sketches drawn up depicting the likeness of this man and this woman? Where is the description of their vehicle? Where are they now?

Did they take Morgan Nick?

What if this supposed “creepy” man at the ballpark was instead a WITNESS to the crime instead of a suspect?

My sources tell me that this “creepy man” approached the children that evening at the ballpark to scold them for breaking bottles in the parking lot. He warned the children that others might step on the glass they were breaking and cut their feet.

I could see this being a valid concern an adult would share with young children.  I can also see that children who were caught misbehaving might find it “creepy” or unsettling to be scolded by someone they didn’t know.  

Perhaps the man was watching the children play and break bottles that evening because he did not want them to hurt themselves or someone else.  

What if he didn’t abduct Morgan Nick?  And if he didn’t abduct her, why didn’t he come forward? I believe he was most likely too afraid to come forward. Maybe he was afraid he would be blamed for the abduction.

I have to believe fear could have been a motivating factor in his hesitancy to turn himself in as the “creepy” man at the ballpark. After all, there were armed civilians driving around Alma looking for him immediately after Morgan’s abduction. In many ways, he was already presumed guilty by the community.

Like it or not, he instantly became a wanted man.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not condoning his silence. Despite his fear, the man that spoke to Morgan and her friends at the ballpark that night had a moral obligation to come forward. If he’s still alive, I hope he chooses to do the right thing and identify himself.

If he’s alive, I want him to dig deep and find the courage to call the FBI and tell them what he remembers about that fateful night. His story could be a crucial piece of information to help solve this case.

Included in the letter we received was information regarding the FBI profilers that were brought to Alma shortly after Morgan Nick disappeared.  These FBI profilers were tasked with analyzing all of the known information in this case.

Sources tell me that the profilers (all five of them) determined that: The man from the ballpark was a creepy man. Just a creepy man. Nothing more. Nothing less. They do not believe that this man was Morgan’s abductor.

So if this information is correct and the FBI doesn’t believe the man from the ballpark kidnapped Morgan Nick, why hasn’t this information been relayed to the general public?

Why is he still being touted as the main suspect?

This man could be a witness to help SOLVE the crime. Why aren’t we treating him as such?

The community needs answers.

I hope that everyone reading this is taking pause. I also hope that if anyone has information about the incident on June 9, 1995 in the parking lot of the grocery store in Alma, Arkansas, that you would please come forward.  

Even reach out to our Editor here at Today in Fort Smith…. Just don’t remain silent.

If you have any information, no matter how small, about the abduction of Morgan Chauntel Nick, please call your local FBI branch office.

It’s time the community took a stand. Morgan deserves it.

To be continued...

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