• Dennis McCaslin

Inmate from Sebastian County brought back from ADC to face additional charges on two felony counts

Christopher Petray

A Fort Smith man who is already serving time in the Arkansas Department of Corrections after he violated his parole on nearly ten year old charges within weeks of his release was brought to Sebastian County and sent back to the Brickeys Unit with a ceremonial slap on the wrist.

Christopher Petray, who was back in prison trying to serve out a 2012 conviction for F0rgery and Breaking and Entering before he violated the conditions of his parole, failed to appear in court to answer on the Absconding and Parole Violation charges on two occasions and drew a Petition to Revoke.

The two years with six years suspended was bundled in with Petray's current prison sentence and allowed to run concurrently. Meaning he was brought back for pretty much nothing.

That revocation came Petray's his original forgery charges for which he had an original parole eligible date of August 21, 2017. He seemingly made that sometime in 2017 when the last of his seventy major violations while inside prison walls was recorded.

When he gets out of prison this time--probably in the near future--he will have to pay $2304.98 in restitution and $15o in court cost with $60 per month payments starting 90-days after his release.

Petray also has detainers from Crawford County and the United States Marshal Service to contend with once he is released.

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