• Dennis McCaslin

Homeless man knows where he'll be living for the next few years after Wednesday plea deal

A 21-year-old homeless man who has avoided serious jail time despite being arrested on felony charges four different times will have a semi-permanent roof over his head or at least a few years after a conviction on drug paraphernalia and battery charges o Wednesday.

Rober C. Pettygrew, whose address is listed as Hope Campus with the Fort Smith Circuit Court System, caught a five-year imposed sentence as a habitual offender after a guilty plea He also drew a pair of ten year suspended sentences on each of the felony convictions for drug paraphernalia and battery on an officer.

Pettygrew also drew a month month sentence in the case for misdemeanor fleeing on foot.

Pettygrew had prior convictions for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Forgery. Possession of Instrument of Forgery, Possession of controlled Substance and Failure to Appear.

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