• Dennis McCaslin

Hartford sex offender headed to prison on meth and paraphernalia conviction after plea deal

A 38-year-old registered sex offender from Hartford won't have to worry about registering as a such with the local authorities for the next few years since he'll be under lock and key thanks to the Arkansas Department of Corrections after a plea deal on drug charges last week in Sebastian County Circuit Court.

Brian Keith Kopcinski, who was arrested and convicted in 2003 for Sexual Assault and has been arrested since that time at least four times for failing to meet his registration requirements, was sentenced to four years with eleven years suspended for Possession of Methamphetamine and Paraphernalia after the plea deal last week in circuit court.

In addition to the previous arrest on the sexual assault and numerous failure to register charges, Kopcinski also has a Forgery conviction on his record.

The plea deal cleared up a petition to revoke that was tagged on to his drug arrest earlier in the year.

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