• Dennis McCaslin

Hardcore felon finds 25-year sentence on other side of plea deal for multiple crimes

A 39-year-old Fort Smith man who has had a shocking twenty-five felony counts in six arrest since May of 2020 with be going away for 25-years as a Habitual Offender after a complicated and drawn out plea bargain deal in Sebastian County Circuit Court last week.

Victor Dewitt Medlock, who went into court on Friday facing three Simultaneous Possession of Drugs and Firearms counts, one count of Felony- Terroristic Threatening, one count of Felony Failure to Appear as well as Petition to Revoke from what was an obviously failed probation and parole opportunity, dropped a request for a mental evaluation, caught a bundle deal for all his crimes in the court appearance.

One of the Simultaneous Possession of Drugs and Firearms counts was dropped in the process, Medlock was given jail time credit since his arrest on August 18 and all sentences were set to run concurrently. Other than the terroristic threatening and failure tpo appears, most of Medlock's crimes have been drug related,

In all. between reactivation of cases and new arrests, the plea bargain on Friday cleaned up six separate cases on the Circuit Court docket.

If and when Dewitt gets out of jail he faces a suspension of his driver's license for six months and he was also order to have no contact with any of his victims in the future.

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