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Habitual offfender awaiting a ride back to ADC after plea deal on Sebastian County drug charges

A Fort Smith felon who was sentenced to 170 months in 2018 must have been a miodel prisoner because by July 20202 he was back out onm the sgtreets and gettting arrested again.

Since that time there has been a lot of absconding, contempt, parole violating and other nefarious activities by Randy Michael Thomas, but it took a September 2020 arrest for Possession of Methamphetamine and Drug Paraphernalia to get him sent back to prison.

By pleading guilty, Thomas was sentenced to the Arkansas Deprtment of Corrections on each count to run concurrently with 13 years of suspended sentences. Thomas was given jail time credit and felony failure to appear charges were dropped as part of the plea agreement.

In addition to his jail time, Thomas will be forced to pay fines and fees of $60 monthly starting ninety days after his release.

Thomas will remain at the Sebastian County Detention Center until he is remanded to the custody of the Arkansas Deprtment Corrections.

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