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Habitual offender has eight years added to sentence during plea deal in Sebastian Circuit Court

A former Huntington resident already serving time in the Arkansas Department of Corrections for previous crimes and a parole violation, was back in court this week to answer to drug and paraphernalia possession charges stemming from a 2o22 arrest.

.Stevie Ray Ritchie, 41, who was arrested on drug and paraphernalia charges in early 2022, was brought back to Sebastian county to face those counts this week. In a plea deal on Friday, Richie received eight years added to his existing sentences with seven years suspended on the two charges.

When arrested last year, Richie was already on probation for a myriad of crimes committed in the past several years. Included in those crimes was a sexual assault sn the econd degree conviction from 2009, a failure to register as a sex offender charge from 2013 and a 2017 arrest for failure to register as a habitual offender.

He also had prison sentences prior in 2007 for manufacturing delivering possession of control suspect and fraud drug paraphernalia.

Richie, who was assigned to the Ouachita River Correctional Unit in Malvern, remains in the custody of the Sebastian County Detention Center awaiting transfer back to the ADC.

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