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Habitual offender handed fifteen-year sentence on plea deal in Sebastian County Circuit Court

Donnie S, Blake

Donnie S, Blake A multiple-time felon with a record in Sebastian County stretching back to 2014 was handed a 15-year sentence with an additional 15 years suspended in Sebastian CountyCircuit Court proceedings last week.


According to court documents, Blake, 32, of Northview Drive in Fort Smith, entered a guilty plea to various charges including Aggravated Assault, Criminal Mischief, and Fleeing the Scene of a Serious Accident last Thursday for a myriad of charges stemming from a September arrest earlier this year.

Blake, who was also charged as a habitual offender, has amassed almost two dozen felonies in Sebastian County alone since 2014 including raps for burglary, theft of property, and shady dealings with a local pawn shop.

His arrest on September 25 triggered a parole violation returning him o the Arkansas Department of Corrections and based on his plea on Thursday had several Petitions to Revok withdrawn.

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