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Habitual offender designation sends Fort Smith man to prison for two years

Anthony Xavier Adams

A Fort Smith man was sentenced to two years in the Arkansas Department of Corrections with ten additional years suspended after cutting a plea deal with the Sebastian County Prosecuting Attorney on Thursday.

Anthony Xavier Adams, 25, who has had at least five felony convictions since 2015, pleaded guilty to Possession of Schedule I/II Controlled Substances in open court. The two year sentence appears to be the result of habitual offender tag that was placed on Adams by the prosecution.

Adams was arrested in February of this year for Aggravated Assault on a Family or Household Member and Obstructing Governmetal Operations which triggered a petition to revoke for previous crimes. He had been arrested on the two counts of ffelony possession in June of last year.

He had been arrested in 2016 for Possession of Drugs and Paraphernalia and Felony Fleeing and received 102 months in senetences that were set to run concurrently and was also convicted of Breaking and Entering and Theft by Receiving of a Firearm in 2014.

Adams remains in the custody of the Sebastioan County Detention Center awaiting transfer to the ADC.

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