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Greenwood man headed to prison for six years after plea deal on methamphetamine charge

A 21-year-old Greenwood man, who has amassed a stunning array of arrests string shortly after 18th birthday, was sentenced to six years with additional 14-year suspended in court proceedings Thursday morning in Fort Smith.

Cash Kolby Knight, who was in court facing possession of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia charges, entered into a plea deal Wednesday morning in Sebastian County Circuit Court. He was charged with a co-defendant who saw their charges dropped as part of the plea deal,

According to information from Arkansas Court Connect, a multiple crime arrest on February 21 of this year triggered a felony petition to revoke from an earlier conviction for theft of property between $5,000 and $25,000. Knight also has convictions out of Crawford County, and his new sentencing was set to run concurrently with that imposed time.

He has arrests in Sebastian County dating back to November of 2019 for theft of property under $1,000.

He was arrested in September of 2020 on four charges of aggravated assault, one charge of aggravated assault on family or household member, and contempt - willful disobedience for refusal to pay fines.

January of 2021 saw another arrest for theft of property with additional charges for criminal trespass and contempt. Just a little bit more than a month later, Knight was arrested for possession of a controlled substance, possession of paraphernalia, obstruction of justice, criminal trespass, theft of property/credit card, two class B misdemeanor failure to appears, and a driving under the influence charge.

More contempt, criminal trespass, and other misdemeanor charges followed, and in January of 2022 he was picked up as a fugitive from justice out of state and for theft by receiving under $1, 000.

Additional arrests for failure to appear, both felony and misdemeanor, led to another petition to revoke on February 22nd 2022 and he was arrested once again on July 8 of the same year as a fugitive from justice from another state.

All of that led up to his arrest in February of this year on possession of a controlled substance, unlawful transfer of stolen property to a pawn shop or pawnbroker, contempt, two class B misdemeanor failure to appears, another fugitive from justice out of state and as an assist to an outside agency on misdemeanor charges.

For all those arrests, not has served a little more than a year and all of his sentences have been served in the Sebastian County adult detention center.

According to the available information, this is the first time that Knight has actually been sentenced to prison despite all his arrests.

He has been held in jail since he was booked on February the 20th of this year, and he was given jail time credit in the plea deal on Wednesday. He will have to provide DNA to the court system and will have to pay court cost at $60 a month beginning 90 days after his release.

The petition to revoke for previous crimes was withdrawn as part of the plea deal.

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