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Greenwood man arrested for not registering as a sex offender days after being released on $250 bond

In yet another stellar example of someone in the local judiciary chain of command not knowing their asses from a hole in the ground, a 38-year-old Greenwood man who was released from the Sebastian County Detention Center on January 22 after serving five days on an unrelated matter is back behind bars for failing to register as aa sex offender.

Patrick Willliam O'nale was arrested Saturday by the Sebastian County Sheriff Office on one count of Failing to register as a Sex Offender and according to the booking information officials have known about the situation since February 1.

O'nale is not listed on any of the local or state registration lists as a non-compliant sex offender, which indicates he has never been registered in the state. His offender status stems from an August 30, 2004 arrest in Arkansas and subsequent extradition to Hamilton County, Indiana to face four counts of Child Solicitation.

O'nale, who has a vast array of other criminal arrests and convictions, was arrested in Sebastian County on a Felony Petition to Revoke and for Contempt for Failure to Pay Fines on January 16 of this year and was released on a $250 bond on January 22.

His latest booking information indicates his Failure to Register as a Sex Offender violation was known as of February 1, meaning the local prosecutors office either didn't know or try to find out about his Indiana conviction prior to that date. So O'nale was back in circulation from January 22 until his arrest on Saturday despite him being a sex offender that could have preyed on another child.

In addition, O'nale has had previous arrests for arson, residential burglary and theft of property.

He is currently behind bars in the SCDC facing a $10,000 Legally Sufficient bond.

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