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Gravette woman arrested for sexual relationship with under aged family member

A two-year on again, off again relationship between a Benton County woman and a minor relative has resulted in the arrest of the 30-year-old Gravette resident on charges of Rape and Tampering with Physical Evidence.

According to information on Arkansas Court Connect, Whitney Alexander, 30, is in jail in Benton County on a $100,000 bond after an investigation revealed a two year relationship with her nephew that listed from 201-2019. Her husband, Trent Alexander, was apparently aware of the illicit pairing back in 2017 and failed to report it and is being charged with Permitting Abuse of a Minor.

Information on ACC indicate Whitney Alexander had sex with the teenager at least 30 times in a two year period. The probable cause affidavit lists four residences in Gravette as well as at least one incident in a vehicle on a county road where the sex acts occurred. The victim said the incidents started when he was fifteen.

An uncle of the teenager reported the crimes to a hotline, according to the online report. The report also indicates that three other adults also knew about the sex between Alexander and the victim.

The Tampering with Physical Evidence charge stems from Whitney Alexander having thrown a phone belonging to the victim that had possible incriminating photos and texts into a fire to destroy the evidence of the relationship.

Whitney Alexander has no prior criminal history and is due for her first court appearance on June 8.

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