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Glidewell Distributing to be Arkansas-Oklahoma source for new Hog Bite energy drink

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

The launch of HOG BITE—an in-your-face energy drink, packed with super-ingredients meant for a vibrant kick-in-the-pants life—is being released by MSP-FL, Inc., a women-owned Pensacola, FL-based beverage producer.

The citrus-flavored drink is currently being introduced in Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi and Texas. Distribution is handled by Glidewell Distributors in Fort Smth, for markets in Arkansas and Oklahoma and KeHe Distributors for remaining markets..

This isn't some namby-pamby colored water so-called energy drink in a can.

Supercharged ingredients like, Vitamin B6 is a hardworking vitamin, increasing stamina and regulating blood levels. Moreover, Vitamin B12 prevents anemia and fatigue and aids the nervous system in functioning normally.

Plus, vitamin B5, an essential nutrient, lowers body weight by activating a process that burns fat cells. It’s for

The combination of energy-enhancing ingredients in HOG BITE is ideal for those looking for an energy drink to truly enjoy day in and day out.

HOG BITE is low in sodium, contains taurine for a clean taste, and 116mg of caffeine per 12oz can—the perfect amount required to increase one’s energy and ability to concentrate throughout the day without getting those post-drink jitters.

It allows everyone to get their desired energy boost in one go, and it comes in two options: original and sugar-free. The original contains 100 calories, and the sugar-free version has only five calories per can. HOG BITE promises no after-taste, unlike some other brands.

HOG BITE has already shown a promising start for national exposure. First, The company is in talks with the International Professional Rodeo Association about becoming the preferred energy drink for over 300+ sponsored rodeos nationwide for rodeo concession stands.

Second, HOG BITE was the only energy drink produced by a women-owned company to make the Walmart Open Call for trending items. will be offering HOG BITE initially before hitting the shelves as a regional item.

Consumers can ask a Walmart manager to bring in the product too.

“What two great ways for HOG BITE to be introduced into our initial markets,” Daniel Rogers, VP of Sales.

Convenience, liquor, and grocery stores, can ask their beverage distributors to bring HOG BITE in for their store shelves.

For wholesale inquiries and distribution opportunities, call MSP-FL, Inc. at 850-434-6159. Visit

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