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FSPSD Peak Innovation Center receives $100,000 donation from COX Communications

the Peak Innovation Center received a $100,000 donation on Friday from COX

Communications for a new Career Center and to support three Network Engineering Technology classrooms.

The COX Career Center will connect students to business and industry through robust communication efforts.

Students will learn application processes, interviewing skills, resume writing, and other post-secondary preparation activities. The space will also support community engagement and service-learning projects to enhance relationships among students and business partners. In addition, the COX Career Center will be a

place for community partners and economic development professionals to meet with students and parents.

“The COX Career Center will be a hub at Peak Innovation Center to provide the support students need in their transition to post-secondary opportunities and careers. We are grateful to COX for their support of Peak Innovation Center and the students across the region it serves,” said Dr. Terry Morawski, Superintendent, Fort Smith Public Schools.

“I am excited on the behalf of COX to partner with Peak Innovation Center. Our goals align beautifully with the future of technology, and also the future of technology as it ties to employment in Fort Smith and our region,” said Tina Gabbard, Vice President and Market leader, COX Communications in Arkansas.

“The COX Career Center will provide students a place to connect and network with our business partners in the region. Students can find employment, learn about various companies, prepare for interviews, work on credentials, build their resume, and much more. We are excited to have this space for students,” said Stephanie Freeman, Career Development Facilitator, Fort Smith Public Schools.

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