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FSPSD announces online tutoring aid for district students through Title 1 funded program

Fort Smith Public School District students can now access unlimited tutoring support 24 hours a day, seven days a week with the district’s subscription to TutorMe. The system, backed by a workforce of more than 15,000 tutors available at any time, provides on-demand expertise in hundreds of subject areas in multiple languages whenever students need it. Dr. Tiffany Bone, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, said, “We are so excited for the wonderful opportunity to provide all of our students with access to one-to-one tutoring or homework help at the push of a button.

This service is free of charge to all students in Fort Smith Public Schools, with unlimited access to a live tutor. Parents and students have the option to use the service as much or as little as they choose.

If a student needs a tutoring session every day at the same time of day, or a few days each week, they may choose to schedule those sessions in advance. TutorMe allows for access to a tutor or homework help that fits each family’s schedule. We look forward to hearing from our parents and students about their experience and level of satisfaction with TutorMe.” TutorMe's award-winning Lesson Space features a text editor, virtual whiteboards, audio/video chat, and screen sharing where students connect live with a tutor. All lessons are archived for future reference.

Students also have access to the Writing Lab to submit their essays, papers, and other writing assignments for detailed feedback from an academic writing expert within hours. And, with safety as a priority, TutorMe tutors each pass background checks before they are hired. As part of the FSPS partnership with TutorMe, FSPS students receive full access to TutorMe's online ACT prep course. With over 10 hours of self-paced, fully-animated video lessons, 500+ practice questions, and 24/7 availability on any device, students will not only be ready to tackle what’s on the ACT but will be prepared in test-taking methodology, too. FSPS Students can simply click through their district-issued Clever account to access this new resource for academic support. Parents are invited to use TutorMe to support their children. FSPS staff members may use it as well.

FSPS has used $290,000.00 of Title 1 funding to purchase this academic support service. Title 1 funds may only be used for student achievement, staff professional development or parent involvement.

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