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FSPD: Resident of Fort Smith home shoots and kills intruder at Seven Oaks Drive address

The Fort Smith Police department has updated information on the story we brought you earlier in the day and are now saying an intruder breaking into a Fort Smith home was shot dead by someone in the residence

According to new information from the police, the officers responding to a call in the 10100 block of Seven Oaks Drive in Fort Smith discovered that a male had been shot inside the home.

The intruder was taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead by medical personnel. The resident of the home that fired the fatal shot told police the man was breaking into the residence when the shooting occurred.

All parties and witnesses involved in the incident or accounted for, police reported.

The name of the person who was shot and killed has not been released. Also, police have yet to name the individual in the residence that fired the fatal shot.

Police say that the investigation continued late Wednesday afternoon.

The FSPD says it will release more information as it becomes available on this incident.

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