• Dennis McCaslin

FSPD investigating shooting of vehicles at north side apartment complex last week

Police in Fort Smith are involved in an active investigation of a shooting that happened last week at the G. Edward West Apartments at 4118 N 50th Street that resulted in at least three vehicles being hit by bullets.

According to a heavily redacted initial investigation report around midnight on July 29 two off duty officers were inside the office at the complex when they heard gunshots outside. One of the officers saw two males jump into the the back seat of a silver or gold SUV and flee the scene with their headlights off on Poplar Street before going north on North 50th.

The officers recovered multiple shell casings on the ground. A parked car and SUV were damaged, as a well as an occupied vehicle in which a man and his wife delivering food to an apartment were in at the time of the shooting.

A tenant of an apartment near the shooting told officers she and her boyfriend, who drives gold F0ord Explorer, had been having issues. There was an extra patrol alreadyb assigned to the complex because the boyfriend had t6hreatened to "bust out her windows" with a crowbar". The woman named the suspect, but his name was redacted from the report TIFS received from the Fort Smith Police Department.

She also told police the suspect had "many friends he could have been riding with".

Officers were able to view video from the managers office and saw the men running towards the area where the vehicles were shot up then return to the SUV after the shots were fired. Both suspects --one dressed in all black with no physical description as well as a second man described as a slim black male --then fled the scene.

During the course of the investigation, the mother of one of the suspects showed up at the scene and told officers she had been called to come by and pick up the girlfriend of the suspect. The girlfriend said the only call she made to the woman was to try and ascertain the location of the suspect and refused to go with the woman, who was then banned from the property.

Fort Smith Police Public Information officer Aric Mitchell said the investigation was ongoing and he was not authorized to issue further informati0on on the suspects at this time.

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