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Frequent felon gets twelve-year sentence on felony drug charges after Circuit Court plea deal

A 42-year-old Hackett woman who has been in and out of prison and a frequent customer of the 12th Circuit Division Court in Sebastian County since back before 2010 was sentenced on Friday to a dozen years in prison with an additional eighteen years suspended on two separate drug-related charges according to information from Sebastian County courts clerk.

Georgiana Wheeler, whose last address with the court was in the $6,500 block of Bermuda Grass loop in Hackett, drew the 12-year sentence after a plea deal in which she pled guilty on possession of methamphetamine with the purpose to deliver and possession of drug paraphernalia charges stemming from an August, 2022 arrest.

Wheeler appeared in court on Friday with attorney Patrick Flake and entered the guilty plea in open court. Her twin sentences were set to run concurrently with any existing jail time and she was also giving jail time credit since her arrest on the charges.

Dating back to the aforementioned 2010 arrest, Wheeler has recorded at least nine felony arrests and has been in and out of prison and court on a number of drug-related charges. She also has a tendency to not show up for court and is also been charged with several failure to appears over the years.

According to Arkansas Court Connect, back in 2010 Wheeler was sentenced to 15 years on two counts of manufacturing, delivering, possessing, controlled substances. At that time plea deal also saw a number of charges for revocation of parole dismissed as part of the conditions of the plea.

She was hit with a felony petition to revoke in 2019 after she was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia in March of that year which violated her parole.

She had been sent away in 2018 on a number of charges including maintaining a premises for drug activity, possession of meth, possession of firearms by certain persons, and failure to appear charges.

Previous to that, she was also cited on two separate occasion for drug court sanctions in 2017. She had been given the drug court option after being arrested once again in 2016 on a petition to revoke. That petition to revoke came after she was hit with felony possession of drug paraphernalia in November of that year.

Wheeler remained in the custody of the SCADC late Sunday afternoon awaiting her assignment to a facility in the Arkansas Department of Corrections.

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